Charity Holiday Challenge for Metka

This year Radio Robin will also end the year on a charitable note. Together we will stand up for five-year-old Metka from Volčja Draga, who has cerebral palsy.

What will happen

Every Monday, the red phone will ring in the Radio Robin studio!

Morning presenters Anja Suska and Martin Gerbec will be challenged. If they pass, we will contribute 1.000 € to the charity fund with the help of donors.

You can help Metka too

You can donate any amount to the TRR of the Vrabček upanja Foundation, with the mention For Metka

Vrabček upanja Foundation

SI56 0475 0000 1565 243 (NOVA KBM d.d.)

And why Metka?

Five-year-old Metka underwent a very challenging surgery in November. She underwent surgery on the main nerve in her spinal cord. Parents Barbara and Martin wish that Metka could walk when she starts school. This will require many therapies. And that’s where we would help the parents’.

Any financial help can provide additional rehabilitation and faster recovery.

So fingers crossed for Suska and Martin to complete their tasks successfully! You can also follow their challenges on social media.